Driving Miss Daisy

Hello everybody! I’m thrilled from all your positive feedback and encouragement for the blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it and share it with others. Gratitude is such a big subject and you’ll definitely hear lots more on the topic.

I mentioned in last week’s blog that while mom’s away…Well, guess what? Mom was away again this past week. Since dad’s been at work and mom left her keys AND her car…well, need I say more? I jumped into the driver’s seat…but that’s another story.

Most times I’m the co-pilot. Canines really do prefer this seat, however being in the driver’s seat is really an adventure. You get to choose your direction, your road and your entire journey. The co-pilot gets to go along for the ride. Some humans go for the driver’s seat and the adventure while others take a wrong turn or decide to be the passenger and let someone else map out their journey. It got me to thinking about the roads we choose and places we allow ourselves to go.

Back in the early 80‘s my mom decided on a certain direction in life, but I think the woman upstairs had other ideas for her because the direction sure has changed. I’ve heard mom say that humans get signs from above or that feeling in our gut, but often we don’t pay attention to them. Sometimes these signs are subtle. Other times they’re awful and have severe consequences: those really grab a person’s attention. One day mom ended up in a pretty bad car accident. This was her wake up call. For the following year and a half the only thing she was capable of was contemplating her next move. She was so busy trying to figure it out with her head that she could not heal herself. You know…humans think an accident is just an accident, but that’s not necessarily so. One day she saw that there was a lesson to learn from the accident. She started feeling with her heart rather than thinking with her head and found her way into the healing arts. Mom has been on this road ever since. Sure, there were bumps in the road, some big and others small, and the road was anything but straight. Sometimes she wished for a smooth paved road. That’s like wishing a squirrel will stand still while I run towards it. But, don’t you think the winding roads are more exciting?

Some humans remind me of Eli. They are driving blind…going through life without noticing or paying sufficient attention to the signs. I think they need to be more like me (of course) and drive with their eyes wide open! Now there’s a choice for you…drive through your life with eyes open or shut? Oh boy! I think I just might stay off the open roads for a bit. It’s important to have these lessons in

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life. They teach us more about ourselves and when we overcome the challenges…YIPPEE!!! It‘s thrilling. Mom breaks out in song and dance when she moves through her challenges. Now I live in the present moment which allows me to watch and listen for the signs. It’s the equivalent to how humans meditate. It takes practice to sit quietly and use all your senses to feel every moment.

How many signs do we need before we ask ourselves, “Are you talking to me?” How many roads do you go down before you realize you’ve taken the wrong one? Do you have a good sense of direction? Have you already gotten a wake up call but missed or ignored it? What’s your wake up call looked like in the past? Are you in the midst of a wake up call right now?

We get many wake up calls during a lifetime – each challenging us to take a closer look at the road we’ve taken and where we’re headed. One challenge will lead us through to the next. We never know what’s around the next corner or what the future holds. That’s why I sit by the back door every day looking…for squirrels, chipmunks, cats, humans…What I do know is that it’s important to look through the windshield of our lives and see what is clearly in front of our eyes. When we see the signs and think about what they mean for us, we can know whether we’re on the right road!

Love and licks,



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  1. Gladie, once again you have made me laugh. I love this week’s lesson about opening your eyes and seeing the road ahead. I
    Some really big signs have manifested right in front of my eyes and I am paying attention to them and taking action.
    I love you.

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