Hugs, Love and Gratitude!

Hello everyone!!! I’m excited with the response to my blog. Sometimes I’m not sure if you’ll like it, but mom gives me a little kick (not a real one) in the junk in my trunk and tells me to risk it. Well, thank goodness I’ve taken a leap of faith.

All this positive feedback got me to thinking about gratitude. Gratitude is an amazing thing. There’s so much one can appreciate every day. I have a great life and am one lucky poodle! My parents have taught me the importance of being grateful. For example…I know this may not be seen in the best light, HA but I’m grateful that Eli cannot see. Ok, I know it would be better if he could, but from my perspective…one must find the good in everything. Eli cannot always see the food in his bowl and walks away thinking he’s finished. I come in and…BINGO…anything to help clean the bowl. Mom always thanks me for helping to make her job of washing the bowl that much easier. When we have frozen marrow bones he cannot see how many mom gives him. I can! I just quietly take the ones he is not working on and onto my towel they go! In case you’re wondering, I do say, “Thank you.”

I know my dad is grateful for mom, Eli and me. I’ve heard him tell my mom that he wants to come back as her canine companion. What do you think that means?!!! Let me give you a hint. It means that she feeds us better, gives us more affection and attention and takes us for lots more rides in the car and even wipes our butts if we need it. All dad really has to do is wait. I told him when he’s 100 she’ll be doing all that stuff for him anyway.

Oh brother, Eli’s up and wants another opportunity here. I thought I made it clear that guest writers don’t get to write every week. However, when it comes to gratitude…he’s the man. Hi…I’m Eli and back again this week. Thanks, Brooke. I’m a Majessa Standard Poodle and that’s something to be grateful for. Some of the finest dogs and bitches come from that line…if I don’t say so myself. I wouldn’t be with my mom if it weren’t for my breeder, Ann Fischer. Would you believe when I was 11 months old she saved my life when I fell through the solar cover of a pool? That is gratitude in the making!

At the time I didn’t know much about gratitude. But I’ve been learning every day. Brooke thinks gratitude is all about her. That’s because she thinks everything is about her, but for me it’s much bigger. Touch one…touch many. That’s what I always say. Take this blog for example. How many of you are grateful when it shows up on Friday mornings? How many of you take away something that touches you or makes you laugh? How many of you pass it on to someone you think might enjoy it? When Brooke first showed me her blog, I certainly was grateful that she cared enough to read it to me.

I may not hear so good

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or see much at 14. I sleep most of the time. I’ve had my share of fear with all the changes in my sight and hearing, however I have enormous gratitude for my life, including Brooke. She makes sure to wake me up to go outside even though I don’t always appreciate her methods. When mom asks her to help out or says, “we’re going” she gets so excited and pounces on me. Most times she scares the crap right out of me! Once I get up she grabs my ear and pulls it. No matter how hard I try she doesn’t seem to understand that I’m attached to the ear and it’s not a tug toy. She’s great at running up and down the few stairs we have around here so that I can feel her energy and she can keep me from tripping on the stairs or bumping into a wall. And I know she takes my bones; but I don’t say a word. You have to pick your battles and I know that mom sees what I don’t and she’ll give me another.

Gratitude can take just a minute to express and last a lifetime in appreciation. I make sure my mom and dad know how much I appreciate them every day when I keep putting one paw in front of the other and do my best.

Thanks, Eli. Now I think expressing gratitude can be difficult for some humans. I’m not sure why that is but feel it’s important to let others know how much you appreciate who they are and what they do. My mom is grateful for so much that she could write a book for all the things. How about you? Why not express your gratitude today? Look around and see how much you’re grateful for. I recommend not holding back. You might be amazed at how just a bit of gratitude can change your life.

Love and licks,

Brooke…and Eli

Nothing To Fear

There isn’t too much I’m afraid of but for some reason thunder is up there in the top 3.  I don’t recall it bothering me as a puppy, but only as the adult beauty I’ve grown into.  I’m not sure why the fear of thunder is such a big issue with me.  Our home is very quiet.  When I say quiet I mean quiet.  The loudest sounds you hear are the owls and other birds, my occasional barking and my mom yelling for my dad from one end of the house to the other.  I don’t know why she doesn’t get that if he couldn’t hear her a year ago from the same place then he won’t be able to hear her now.  Oh well…some humans take longer to learn their lessons than others.

You’re probably wondering what it’s like for me when the fear takes over.  Well, my heart starts to pound, then the panting and then I just don’t know what to do with myself.  The other day mom was getting ready to take a shower.  She knows that I really need to be with her when the thunder comes so she brought my bed into the bathroom with her. It was just what I needed.  I would have crawled into the shower with her but y’all know how I feel about water!

All this started me thinking about how canines and humans see fear.  Many humans seem to be afraid to try new things.  Many are even afraid to try old things a new way.  My mom has some fears of her own and one in particular that’s really been holding her back.  As many of you know she used to bike ride lots before moving down south.  Then she was diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme Disease last October.  She was a mess and had a hard time taking care of Eli and me.  No walks, no rides in the car, no bones, no play, no fun…B O R I N G!!!  Dad had to step in and care for all of us.  Now she is much better and definitely much more fun!!!  We love having her back and she has been encouraged to get back on her beautiful and very cool bike.  Riding in Atlanta isn’t anything like cycling in New England.  It can be downright dangerous here and I totally understand why she’s afraid to get back on.  She told me that after she clips into her pedals she is so afraid that she won’t be able to get out on the hills or in a pinch.  Mom has crashed and burned a few times.  Once she had even forgotten that she was clipped in, stopped and just fell over!   She obviously had her head in the clouds that day!  We had a little heart to heart the other day and I suggested she have those pedals replaced with regular ones.  I could tell this was hard for her.  You know…the human ego gets in there and starts directing traffic…if you know what I mean.  Many humans would rather just not do something if they thought they couldn’t do it the “right” way.  My mom is like that sometimes but she surprised me and told me I was right.  YES!!!  She changed the pedals and is going for a ride today.

Well, Eli is up and pawing at the computer.  He has a few things he’d like to add.  Hi…I’m Eli and today is my 14th birthday.  I don’t hear so well and my eyesight is worse.   I still see some shadows in the distance but I can’t see anything close up.  You could say when I go down any stairs I’m cautious.  Every moment can be a challenge unless I’m sleeping.  We have woods in our backyard and I love being out there.  If I get bump into something or poke my eyes they could ulcerate so would you believe mom goes through those woods and picks up all the sticks so there is no chance of an accident?  You can never be too careful. The fears a canine has show up in the present moment.  We don’t dwell on fear until it’s upon us. Humans seem to feel the fear in the past, present and future!

I think one of the keys to overcoming fear is learning to trust.   One of the most difficult things for me is going down stairs and mom definitely will not baby me.  I can smell her nearby and she encourages me to figure out those darn steps and make it down myself.  Lately it takes pure courage.  I trust my mom and dad and know that they will not let anything terrible happen to me.  I also have to trust myself to take the next steps. Mom tells us that there are lessons with everything we do.  I certainly have had my share. I wonder what it would be like for humans to move through fear the way we do.  Fears keep you stuck in your own muck.  When you take on the challenge of facing your fears and feeling your way through them, you can change your life.

Eli could not have said it better!  I know I’m better off every time I face my fears!!!  How about you?  What’s holding you back from living your fullest and biggest life?

Love and licks,

Brooke…and Eli

To Be Or Not To Be…Perfect

Hello from hotlanta! Thank you for all

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your responses to my blog. I’m glad you are enjoying them and appreciate your comments regarding the “Dear Brooke” column. Please feel free to write in with questions you have and I will start answering them as part of the blog. I’m looking forward to the BITES you submit!!!

This may be hard to believe and it is even harder for me to say…I am not perfect. There, I’ve said it. How did this happen? I know it is shocking. I’m learning it’s important to embrace both your light and dark sides. Mom has a book that I’ve heard her recommend to clients by Debbie Ford called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. She talks about the importance of seeing and owning all the parts of ourselves and how equally important they are for us.

There’s a lot at STEAK(mmmm) when humans only want to show their light sides…the parts of themselves that make them look good to everyone else. No wonder you guys are so exhausted. That takes a great deal of work and you can’t possibly feel as good as you look with all that’s going on inside. Oh my gosh…I need a nap just thinking about it and it’s only just 6 a.m.!!! You wear masks to hide your authentic selves. Seriously people…do you think we can’t see through the masks? The question is why don’t we want others to see who we really are? Aren’t the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of ourselves the best?

Canines are so different. We don’t hide who we are. What you see is what you get…well most of the time. Take me as a perfect example…I’m a bitch. Clearly that is what I am known as in the canine world. I consider this to be my light side. I own it, I love it and there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad about it. I even strut “bitch” when I’m out in the world. On my darker side I can get snarly and want things my way and am not always as patient with Eli as mom. Some of this is not attractive, but I am who I am. It’s all mine…the entire pawkage. It’s not always a bad thing to be a bitch.

Now take my mom…ohh…she is so going to kill me for this…She can be a bitch too. Mom says that she used to hide the bitch in her. She would even get defensive about it and deny it when confronted. Mom said she felt bad for people to see that part of her that didn’t look so appealing. Now if someone says she’s a bitch she’ll say, “Oh good it shows. You’re seeing me!” For good or for evil…that is the question, is it not? Here’s the thing…sometimes being a bitch means you can really get things done but being bitchy is another story. Mom says it depends on what you do with your “bitch” that’s important. For example…cranky, irritable, nagging and exhausted are not attractive and can lead you to digging a hole so deep that you’d rather crawl into it. Mom says it’s important to feel your way through and be clear if you are using your bitchiness to mask something else. However, using that same BITCH quality to get things done…to take charge and move forward…YES…it can work beautifully.

I own and embrace all parts of myself…because all the parts make up the fabulous poodle that I am! Sometimes it’s hard to look at ourselves. Sometimes it’s those things we need to look at that bring us to appreciate who we are, and in turn, appreciate in others. Mom told me that everything that is in me is in others. How amazing is that? Imagine what it would be like to embrace all the things you don’t like about yourself right along with the things you do love in yourself. Just thinking about this can help you feel not so alone. All the crazy and all the great stuff that is in everyone else is in you too. Something you don’t like about someone else can be something you don’t like about yourself. If you look around you’ll see a work in progress. Isn’t it a relief to know that there is no such thing as perfection? Of course I’m closer than most will ever get…many canines are.

Have a great week and give yourself a break from having all the answers. Enjoy the freedom from perfection…you’ll feel as though you are on vacation!!!

Love and licks,


Endings? Beginnings?

Hi everyone….I”ve been happily working on this week”s blog which is fabulous…if I don”t say so myself. After all, if I don’t think it”s the best, how can I possibly believe anybody else would? I am thinking of starting a “Dear Brooke” column. Canines could write in asking questions about issues they are having with humans or themselves. Humans could write in asking questions about issues they are having with their canines. If you write in with issues you have with yourself I can refer you to my mom. I really don”t want that much responsibility. Most of us canines would rather be in the lower ranks. Not many of us want to be top dog. Mom is really good with helping people get unstuck from their issues and if she can”t help you….she”ll know where to send you!!! I”d love to know what you think about this idea.

As you know mom graduated from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine last weekend. It’s all the rage.

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I heard her tell my dad that she”s feeling both excited and sad that this chapter in her life feels as though it”s coming to an end. Well, I pounced right on that one. You know, sometimes it takes a poodle mind for some enlightenment to rescue a human brain. It seems that humans see endings as sad. Canines don”t quite see things the same way. We feel endings but then they become beginnings right away. Everything is new every moment of every day. When I finish gnawing on a raw marrow bone I am certainly sad to finish it, however,…on to the next best thing…could be a walk, a romp out in our woods, gardening with mom, relaxing by the pool, chasing squirrels and catching chipmunks, visiting with friends or getting some great ideas and writing my blog. You just never know.

Every ending brings about a new beginning…and I mean EVERYTHING!!! Think about it. Humans get caught up in the transition from the ending of one thing to the beginning of another. I think that humans tend to get stuck in the fear of “what’s next?” I told mom this is the time she really needs to think like a canine and take a PAWS (or a nap. I find a good snooze can bring out the best of me). The most important thing is to do what you love. When you do what you love…what is there to fear? Now can”t you see there really are no endings? Isn’t it true that new ventures are really just ADDventures? We add one to another and we create a new experience? How much fun is that! Mom has worked hard these past few years, but she had a howling good time! No bones about it. Now it”s time to emBark on a new adventure. I love when she starts something new. When she creates something new for herself, it is also new for me. Ever notice how even one new thing a person chooses in their life affects everything and everyone else around them. What is new for you will be new for me! I love it! Now this is barking up the right tree! PAWSitvely the best!

So what get’s in your way of your new adventure? It”s time to be like Dora the Explorer and go search your own way. Will you just sniff a little here or there and go back to sleep or gingerly dip your paw in the waters (warm I hope). Why not dive in! (With my rinse and wear to coat, I can look fabulous again after an hour or two of grooming…if you really believe I”ll be dipping in waters warm or cold)! Someone’s got to navigate and it may as well be you.

Love and licks,


Celebrating Relationships

WOW!!! There has been quite a bit of excitement around here lately. Mom is off for the last days of her program, the pawty and graduation!!! Usually I don’t look forward to her leaving, but this time…GO…I need a little quiet and a nap!!! So she is off…bags packed and, at my strong suggestion, waterproof mascara in hand. After all, sometimes it’s not easy when you end one thing before starting another. Mom loves everything about the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and she will miss her peeps.

I think we each learn by others. When I nap, I teach you to rest. When I bark, I teach you to listen because I have something important to say. When I play, I teach you to have fun. When I’m naughty, I teach you to show your devilish side. When I am watching for the next best thing to cross my path out in the woods, I teach you to pay attention to what’s around you. When I am snarly, I teach you to be patient. When I dive into my food bowl I teach you to enjoy every bite of your meal like there’s no tomorrow (which there isn’t). When I wake up in the morning wagging my tail and feeling happy I teach you to be grateful and excited for the unknown. When you leave Eli and me at home while you go out I teach you to trust us. We won’t invite all the neighborhood canines for a party unless you go on vacation and then…watch out…all fences are down!!! When I am busy on the computer typing my blog I teach you to go find something else to do and give me my space!!!

I know that mom thinks she is in charge here and I am fine to let her think that way. But here’s how I see it. When we go for a walk and I do…you know what kind of business, who picks up my poop and carries it for the rest of our journey? HA HA! Gotcha there…and you think you are in charge??? P L E A S E!!!

When I’m afraid of thunder and crawl up next to you I teach you the importance of having connection and support through the tough times. We need each other!!! As you know I have attitude. When something happens that makes my tail go up and my body go rigid (we canines call that “posturing”), I tend to pull away and hold a grudge. Now how dumb is that? Who am I really hurting? All I want is a belly rub, a scratch behind the ears and an energy medicine healing session with my mom!!!! Is that asking for too much? I don’t think so. (You can probably feel my attitude here)! Seriously…what is

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it that makes feeling vulnerable so darn scary? I have come a long way. It used to be that someone new would come to the house and I just wanted to have nothing to do with them. Canines have a saying…”If I don’t know you and you don’t have a cookie in your pocket then…good bye…not interested…see ya…wouldn’t want to be ya…go away…immediately! You are only going to divert my parents attention away from ME”! Mom has taught me that there is more to life than a cookie. In the past I would not have agreed with her, but have you ever noticed that when you’re all snarly even the cookie does’t taste so good? Now I love people…and even kids…so much more. The little kids used to be the worst pain in the junk in my trunk…if you know what I mean. I just did not get them. They’d chase me and drive me crazy. I’d come around little by little but sometimes it takes me time to really trust. I get it now…they just wanted a connection with me…a chance to be my friend and love me. When I opened myself to them and made that connection I opened my heart to so much more. WOW!!! How great is that?! My mom would be proud!

So…go out there and trust yourself to be your authentic self and make a deeper connection and celebrate your relationships!!!

Love and licks,



There is a time to PAWTY and that time is NOW!!!

A great big YELP out to all you graduates!!! You might think I am all dressed up with nowhere to go but that is just not true. I do look like I just stepped out of Hollywoof! We are starting to celebrate early! My mom is graduating from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine!!!! She’s been working like a dog for years so we are having a pawty!!!!

Did you know canines learn much faster than humans? We just need to do something a few times and we’ve learned it! It just takes us that amount of time to make it a new routine. Humans take so much longer to learn new stuff. Patience is one of my greatest gifts and watching mom for the past 4 years…well…let’s just say that I have had to call on my gift of patience more times than I can count on my pawdicure.

What would you do if you had the opportunity to make real changes in your life, discover your life purpose, heal yourself at the soul level and live with passion and joy? Well, that is just what my mom created for herself…the opportunity to grow and make changes. (I guess that’s why it’s has taken her so long-she has had a lot to do). There are some important things that I learned while mom was at school. Today is PAY IT FORWARD day and so I am sharing what I learned from her studies and the work she did.

#1. Stay grounded. Keep all 4 paws on the ground…energetically that is…or you just might find yourself missing out on a squirrel of an opportunity or falling in the pool.

#2. Be passionate. Feel your feelings. PLEASURE…PLEASURE…PLEASURE! Expand your senses! I love this one!!! No issues here. Smell is my absolute favorite and I can smell the good, the bad and the ugly from miles away.

#3. Listen to your gut. Have good boundaries or be prepared to defend yourself against those who have unleashed themselves upon you. Personally I do not care for other canines sniffing my you know where so it’s important to be clear about what is acceptable and what is not!

#4. LOVE with all your heart! There is nothing greater than to love yourself (I’ve got that one) and to love others. It’s all about relationships! Give lots of licks. When you touch one, you touch millions.

#5. (This is a personal favorite). Speak your truth and be authentic with your words. Be clear what you’re barking about.

#6. Trust your intuition. If it looks like a treat, acts like a treat, smells like a treat…guess what…it’s a treat!!!

#7. AHA! The possibilities are limitless! You CAN manifest your dreams.

So to sum it up…the most important thing I learned is that I love being me. I am special and unique and there is nobody else like me in the whole world and that is more than enough to celebrate. Be who you are…that

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makes you a whole lot better than whom you think you ought to be! You don’t need a birthday to celebrate you one day a year. Go celebrate being you each and every minute of every day. You are a gift and the world is just waiting for you!!! Go pawty!!!! Woof! Woof!

Love and licks,


Making the World a Better Place…One Paw at a Time

Hello to all out there! Don’t you just love the warm weather? I do! The squirrels are so abundant in our neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do is chase them. So many squirrels…so little time!!!

Well now, my poodle brain has been thinking? How many of you think that the world is a better place just because you are in it?

My mom is in Florida with her family now. Her cousin, Sid Rachlin, died on Saturday, April 28, 2012. He was kind and gentle, caring and sweet. He had a huge presence and a small ego. A few years ago he hounded (ha…I love when I can put some of my own language in there) my mom to find a canine for Ann (his wife who is like a 2nd mom to my mom). It took mom quite some time to find just the right pooch for them but she did it. Two years ago she rescued a little black toy poodle and brought her to Florida. It was love at first sight. Sid named her Tia. Tia and I have been communicating telepathically. We canines do that a lot. I thought Tia could share a story or two. Please don’t be put off by this. She has attitude and tells it like it is. I think it is important to give others an opportunity to shine their light on the world. Before Tia moved from Connecticut to Florida she did not have many light shining options. However, look what a difference people can make in the world. Mom is always telling me I must do my part…widen my view and look beyond my own gorgeous, perfect nose.

Hi…I am Tia. I’m black and nobody really knows how old I am. My family does not care if I am 2 or 12. They love me no matter what. It is just really important that I stay around on earth for a long time. My mom does not want me to leave before she does. I weigh around 12 lbs. I know exactly what you are thinking…that is a bit hefty for a toy poodle. Listen…I don’t love food so much. I’m just bloated!

You would not believe how my life has changed in the last 2 years. I lived with tons of other toy poodles and only one woman took care of us. Well, actually she didn’t take care of us which is why we were rescued.. I got a mom and a dad when I came to south Florida here. How lucky am I? You cannot imagine! My dad was amazing. (My mom is too but this is all about dad today)! One of the best things about my dad was how much he loved my mom. I did not see any true love going on where I came from but my parents are the real deal. They are the marrow to the bone. He really loved his family and that included me. You know Brooke is happy all the time. She wakes up happy. She sleeps happy and it has been said that some have even observed her wagging her tail during naps. She is pretty trusting of others and loves men. I am just the opposite. I never had a reason to trust anybody, especially men. I know that it is not my best trait. I am sure I’m not the only one with trust issues here. However, I am not one to dwell on old stuff…actually I am one to dwell…but I am

trying to heel (ha…Brooke is not the only clever one) and move on. As a matter of poodle fact, I was very taken with my dad, Sid. He had the biggest hands you ever saw and they were the most gentle. He always checked to see where I was, if I’d eaten and had been taken out. He loved me a lot. I am not sure he knew how much I loved him. I used to stay next to his chair, on the couch or under his hospital bed at home and pray that nobody pushed the wrong pedal.

For the record, my mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Humans would say she is the sauce to my pasta, the butter to my toast, the honey to my tea. I just say she is great and not being with her is like a dog without a bone. There were a lot of people in and out our home all day which used to drive me crazy. I’d just bark my head off. I guess I just don’t like a lot of people and wanted them to know it. Brooke’s mom says that it is good to move those feelings up and out so that is what I have been doing. Let me tell you…I feel yappy when I finish howling away!

Brooke loves to be play ball. It’s definitely not my thing. Life throws a lot of curve balls. Things change. We canines are creatures of habit. We love our routines. Mine is now changed forever. You never know what life has in store for you. Look at me…who would have ever guessed how mine would have turned out. My dad, Sid, made a difference in the world. He certainly made a difference in mine. The world is better off because he touched so many people and let his light shine. I think some of us make a huge difference and touch many lives and others may touch only a few (like me). But I don’t think it matters if you touch one or millions. What matters is that you touch…you make a difference…one paw at a time.

Hey Tia…I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you so much! Look at that…just when you think you only touch a few…you touch many more. You’re right…you never know how many lives you change just be being you. So go be the incredible you that you are today. Give a paw out and make a difference!!!

Love and licks,


An Inspirational Tail

A great big bow wow out to y’all today! Thank you for your reading and responsing to my blog. I’m so doggone happy that you are finding it fun and inspirational. It got me to thinking about what inspires us. My dad was talking about how Eli is so inspirational for him and I thought about that too. I know that it can’t be about me all the time. I don’t really get why, but I’ll go along with dad on this one.

Let’s take my brother, Eli who will be turning 14 on June 8th. He is awesome and handsome and smart but does not have the same charismatic personality as I. Let’s face it, not everyone can be me. We all have our issues and imperfections and Eli is no exception. He does not hear so well

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(if at all) especially when he is sleeping. Forget it…a tree could fall and he would not hear it. He also has water on the cornea of his eyes so he sees nothing in the dark and only shadows in the day. He gets around here really great. We have a pool and he only fell in once last fall. It was really dark and there were black shadows in and around the pool that may have confused him! At least he knows how to swim. My dad jumped in in his pajamas and carried him out. The water was freezing at 6o degrees. Good thing he had his pj’s on…if you know what I mean!!! My mom put me in the pool last summer so I’d learn how to get out. I told her there no point in humiliating me like that. Why do I need to learn to get out if I never…and I mean never…go in. For a poodle it’s all about the hair and to be in public looking like I just stepped out of the tub? Ugh! My mom just did not get it. She wanted me to be safe and know how to get out of the pool. My point? I won’t be going in so there is no need to learn to get out! Eli loved to swim and since he cannot see what he looks like when he gets out…oh well…I’m not saying a word.

Sorry…got a little sidetracked there…Eli can’t see what’s around the next corner. Heck, he can’t even see the corner and yet he has an amazing attitude. He enjoys everything he does whether it is a walk, gnawing on a bone, sleeping, helping mom with clients, telling our parents when it is time for our meals and snacks or going through the woods. I realized that most of us don’t know what is in store for us…what is around the next corner. When you think about it, we are pretty much all blind to it. Do you notice how we are back in the present moment again? Humans try and plan. My mom is a planner and she works with 2 calendars!!! Doesn’t she see that even when you plan you are not living in the moment. I try and tell her…”Watch out. Quick. You are going to miss something”! To tell you the truth, she inspires me to stay in the present moment!

What inspires all of us about Eli is that he just keeps on going, even with all the obstacles in his way. I have to admit that I can let things get in my way. I have a tendency to get a little snarly sometimes and just find it difficult to move past it. It is times like those that I look at Eli and see how great life is. Life is what we make of it. If I knew what was around the corner would I do things differently today? You bet…I’d catch the damn squirrel and learn to climb trees!!! Are we not responsible for creating our lives? Eli inspires me to do my best every day and to find things I like and have fun.

What is your inspirational tail? Who inspires you and who do you inspire? What are you willing to do today even though you don’t know what is around the next corner?

I look forward to hearing all your tails. And please…no pawing around the issues!

Love and licks…Brooke

Mirror mirror on the wall…

I am so excited that many of you love my blog. Isn’t it amazing to learn about someone that you did not know before? That is exactly what happened to me too. My mom took me to Chastain Park to meet a friend of hers that I had not met. I’ve heard mom say that the people we interact with in our lives are like mirrors for us. Some days you love looking in that mirror and other days you feel like a dog without a bone or a poodle having a really bad hair day. Today was a great day!!! Mom’s friend, Alisa, (and it sounds like it is spelled…A Lisa…got it)? You know, it is important to say a person’s name correctly. Everything has an energetic vibration including a name. So if you say the name wrong, a human can experience it just like the sound of chalk when it screeches on a chalkboard. For a canine it’s like barking up the wrong tree. My mom’s name is Gladie so let me warn you. Don’t ever ever ever call her Gladys! Clear out of the room and move out of the way of the fire breathing dragon!!! But think about it…and don’t tell her I suggested this little exercise…PLEASE!!! When you say those two names (saying the 2nd one quietly) don’t you feel the difference in how each one sounds. One is soft and the other harder…one feels younger and the other older…one makes you smile and the other makes you run through an invisible fence!

Anyway, when I met Alisa it was just like looking in the mirror. She is bubbly, energetic, adorable and blond! Back in my day I was known when I strutted (and I did strut) through a dog show. When we walked the route around the park Alisa was like the president. Everybody knew her!!! Here in Atlanta humans don’t say “hi” too much. They say “hey” and they draw it out so it sounds like “h e y” and they make it a little musical. We stopped once and met two of her friends and one was all over me…quite understandably. I loved our walk. In case you are wondering…the 5 milers are a bit much for Eli so he stays home and sleeps until

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After our walk we did an errand at Nordstrom. CANINE ALERT: Nordstrom is dog friendly so have your people train you for it. I am trained to shop! Just remember not to leave anything extra in the store…if you know what I mean!!! We need to keep up our reputation. I adore retail therapy. Mom loves to look at the colors and fabrics and clothes and shoes. I love looking at the people looking at me!!! It isn’t every day that they see a four legged creature such as myself that is all beauty inside and out. Mom says that it is important for your beauty to shine from the inside out. It isn’t so good to have beauty on the outside and be nasty and ugly on the inside. Canines generally feel fabulous about themselves all the time. Humans seem like a roller coaster to me! They feel good about themselves one day and then the next…lousy. And sometimes humans can feel good and bad in all the same day!!! I much prefer feeling fabulous. I don’t see how you live with yourselves if you can’t feel great. How are you feeling about yourself today?

Go give yourself a good look in the mirror. Really look into your eyes. What do you see? How deep can you go? Notice what happens…Are you comfortable looking at yourself? Or do you want to look away? What is it that you love to look at and what is it that you don’t like too much. What just shines right back at you? I think all those questions are important but the answers are even more important. As we canines say…dig deep!!! If you don’t feel so good then UNLEASH yourself from the prison you have put yourself in. Tell yourself how amazing and incredible you are. Take it from me…and I have been in the magazines…if you don’t tell yourself how sensational you are…nobody else will either. And if they do, you won’t believe them unless you know it to be true for yourself. I used to have sticky notes around my mirror reminding me to practice loving myself. Once I did it for a while I realized how doggone cute and sensational I was and no longer needed them. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the attention I get from others!!!!

See what you experience when you really feel about yourself. Give yourself a good scratch behind the ears and a cookie and have an outrageous day!!!!

Love, laughs and licks,


Don’t postpone joy!

I am so yappy that many of you are enjoying the blog. It is making for a howling good time for all!!! I even got a response from another canine…my mom’s friend, Joy, has an older guy that has some health issues. He signs in as Big Boy and sounds like my type…just a little older than I like and I have my paws full with Eli right now so any more caretaking would take me from fun to disaster.

My mom has a bumper sticker on the back of her car that says “Don’t Postpone Joy”. At first I did not get it. After all, those of us canines living the good life feel joy every day. Of course I was thinking like a dog. Humans seem to postpone joy for any number of

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reasons. Heck…I think they postpone it because they are afraid of it. I mean what would it be like to live in joy? Don’t you have a choice? What if you faced your fear?

My dad gave me the idea for this blog. We have a kitchen faucet that keeps dripping and so he went and bought a whole new faucet. The man at Home Depot told him that it was really easy to replace so when dad got him he took the box apart and started to check things out. You gotta know my dad…analytical, takes his time to figure things out (and when I say time…I mean TIME…), thinks about it for days sometimes weeks…could be years for a big project!!! Needless to say…he is careful and thoughtful which are some of the things I love about him. Plus, he is crazy about me which is so important!!! This is funny…after dad checked I it out everything went back in the box. He said he did not think he could do it because there were too many other things connected under the sink. Mom just smiled, said “OK” and winked at me. She’s got his number and knows how it is going to go. For a few days he thinks about whether he’ll get a plumber or whether it is the right faucet. Then this morning he announces that maybe he will just FACE HIS FEAR and attempt the challenge. Mom thought it was great but asked that he do it during the week in case we needed a plumber. Can you imagine how she would make her juices in the bathroom sink???

Later that afternoon mom came home and saw that nothing had been done with the faucet. Dad said he had looked at it four…(only four?) times and decided he would wait until tomorrow. Why can’t you humans see that tomorrow never comes. If it did it would be yesterday! HAHAHA!!! Well…guess what? It is tomorrow! Mom asked that if he was going to work on the faucet that he do it early…it’s Friday…just in case. I don’t think you could even begin to guess how he responded. He said, “If you just turn the faucet to cold then it won’t drip”. So, how about that…he fixed the faucet and found a way around his fear. Some of you will do just about anything to get out of your fear…including finding a solution!!! So what are you waiting to do tomorrow? How about just doing it today? What would it be like to do something today that you have been thinking about? Try it from the perspective of a canine…no yesterday and no tomorrow…there is only today and NOW!

I had my dad read this before going to print. You know…if you are married to my mom you must have a good sense of humor and my dad does. You could hear him laughing all the way to Massachusetts!!!

Have another howling great day!

Love and licks,