Full Spectrum Energy Medicine

Assisting Healers

Full Spectrum Energy Healing

The power to heal is within each person and the body has its own natural way of healing. Imagine a water hose with a kink. The water is flowing, but no water comes out. Pressure builds. The hose cracks and water escapes in a frenzy. Our bodies are similar to this hose. We hold negative and traumatic experiences inside. Locking in these experiences, our thoughts, beliefs and experiences can weaken our immune system making us more vulnerable and our minds and bodies create blockages that can lead to a frenzy of disease, illness, injuries and other medical issues.

Full Spectrum Healing may include charging, restructuring, clearing and reenergizing each of the energy centers or chakras in the aura. Every organ, gland and body system is connected to a chakra and each chakra is connected to a color vibrational frequency.  For example, the heart chakra governs the thymus gland and it is also in charge of the functioning of the heart, lungs, bronchia system, lymph glands, secondary circulatory system and immune system as well as the arms and hands. The heart chakra resonates to the color green.

Using specific hands-on techniques with crystal bowl tones I assist the client to balance their chakra system on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical level. Any of these chakras may have become “blocked” or out of balance. This can be done at any life stage and helps align the client with their “core self” or soul center.

Clients often feel a sense of internal unity and peace, stimulating their own immune response.The goal of Full Spectrum Healing is not to just relieve pain but to create harmony within the entire system for a more vibrant and joyful life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a tapping technique based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments without using invasive needles.  Using a combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing the issue you’re dealing with works to clear the emotional block from your body’s energetic system.  This restores the balance of mind and body, enhancing optimal health and may give you a whole new life perspective.

Energy Medicine and Children

Energy Medicine and Children

I have an innate ability to understand child behavior and issues associated with them. By integrating inner wisdom coaching and full spectrum energy healing I am able to assist children and their parents in determining the root cause of behavioral issues and cause a shift in their growing and developing lives. Among the issues I have helped children with are sleep disturbances, digestive issues, fears and nightmares, behavior issues, and aches and growing pains.


Life Organization

I assist clients in organizing and purging personal spaces to make room for abundance. Through inner wisdom coaching I identify the physical, emotional and energetic clutter that holds clients back, weighs them down or just makes them feel bad about themselves.  Through this process, clients discover and find the courage to let go of what holds them back.

Energy Medicine


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique and means “universal life force energy”.    Using gentle touch on or above the body, Reiki assists in lowering stress, strengthening the immune system and brings about deep relaxation.  It is a simple, safe and natural method of healing and effective in enhancing health and well being.