Go For The Burn!

Good day y’all!!! Thanks again for all your great responses to my blog on “What Could Be Lighter”? I appreciate all of your compliments on how fabulous I look in my biking gear. Wait until you see me in a bikini!!! Some of you wanted to know how to get started with your cleansing. Like I said in the blog, “Beats me.” I keep all my stuffed animals…even if the stuffing and squeakers are pulled out and they smell bad and look nasty … like road kill. I’m not about to let them go!!! Maybe there’s some underlying issue that keeps me wanting to hold on to them. You have to be ready to change. Guess what, I’m not! If you are, check in with my mom. She can be more helpful.

I had an issue with mom this past week. She used to get up in the morning and take Eli and me for a walk. Now she gets up at 5 and goes to the gym…without me. She hasn’t been able to work out for the past 2 years due to that Lyme Disease. Now the gym is back in and I’m out!!! Doesn’t she know that when she gets up, I’m up and ready to start the day too! She’s mostly been cycling. I think she’s trying to get that junk back in her trunk! The first couple of weeks she worked out, she’d fall asleep in the afternoons!!! I asked her to please explain the point of the workout. Are you not supposed to feel more energized? For once I was pawsitively stumped!

Mom says recovery of any kind…from an illness, an addiction, a death, a divorce, drugs and alcohol, doing too much and even chocolate…is a bear! (Actually, she said “B” word but we all know how I feel about that…so NOT appropriate)! So, I’ve been thinking…what does it take to recover? I’ve never really recovered from anything. No injuries or illness…except there was one time when we were driving from Connecticut to Florida for the Eukanuba Dog Show and I started to have diarrhea 10 minutes after we left and it continued for the next 2 days. That was one long ride!

First, mom says, you must have an intention and a goal. For example, if you want to lose weight…your goal needs to be more than weight loss. You need to think wider. Otherwise when you reach your goal you’ll probably want to celebrate…with a burger, fries and a hot fudge sundae and then, slowly you may end up back where you started, frustrated and bewildered. So maybe your intention needs to be to get and stay healthy and weight loss will inspire you to keep pursuing your goal. Ok…that seems clear enough. My goal is to catch a squirrel and I know when I catch one, I’ll be even more inspired to catch the next one.

Next…you must decide how much achieving the goal would mean to you and how much time and effort you are willing to put in to get there. OK…now it’s getting a bit more complicated. That’s what humans do…make simple things more complicated. Canines have a much simpler approach. We smell, hear or see what we want and we go for it. If we don’t succeed at first we keep on going. It isn’t just about the end result. We love the process. That’s why I love chasing squirrels every day. So often humans don’t love the process and then they give up on their intention and their goals.

Once you have the right intention and goal, and the desire to succeed, mom says you go for the burn. What is she talking about? The burn is the effort and pain it takes to get there and it can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When you start out the burn can be bad…and it’s no fun. But then something great happens and that burn turns into inspiration and determination and it feels good because you know you’re on your way. Now we’re talking Mama! I love the pleasure!!! Hold on…don’t get too excited…it feels good, but then it hurts again. It’s a cycle…a canine nightmare!

So let me see if I’ve got this. You’re miserable because you’re not where you

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want to be. When you start making changes in your life, you feel the burn. You begin to feel good making those changes but then you realize you have to work harder and the burn is back. You become determined, committed and inspired to face these challenges and you hope the payoff is big.

Recovery is about restoring your power and strength. It takes effort and support from others. You feel more alive and are better equipped to create the life you want. Isn’t it time to give that nagging voice inside of you the attention it deserves? What are you doing now to live your life free of the obstacles that hold you back?


Love and licks,


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