Hugs, Love and Gratitude!

Hello everyone!!! I’m excited with the response to my blog. Sometimes I’m not sure if you’ll like it, but mom gives me a little kick (not a real one) in the junk in my trunk and tells me to risk it. Well, thank goodness I’ve taken a leap of faith.

All this positive feedback got me to thinking about gratitude. Gratitude is an amazing thing. There’s so much one can appreciate every day. I have a great life and am one lucky poodle! My parents have taught me the importance of being grateful. For example…I know this may not be seen in the best light, HA but I’m grateful that Eli cannot see. Ok, I know it would be better if he could, but from my perspective…one must find the good in everything. Eli cannot always see the food in his bowl and walks away thinking he’s finished. I come in and…BINGO…anything to help clean the bowl. Mom always thanks me for helping to make her job of washing the bowl that much easier. When we have frozen marrow bones he cannot see how many mom gives him. I can! I just quietly take the ones he is not working on and onto my towel they go! In case you’re wondering, I do say, “Thank you.”

I know my dad is grateful for mom, Eli and me. I’ve heard him tell my mom that he wants to come back as her canine companion. What do you think that means?!!! Let me give you a hint. It means that she feeds us better, gives us more affection and attention and takes us for lots more rides in the car and even wipes our butts if we need it. All dad really has to do is wait. I told him when he’s 100 she’ll be doing all that stuff for him anyway.

Oh brother, Eli’s up and wants another opportunity here. I thought I made it clear that guest writers don’t get to write every week. However, when it comes to gratitude…he’s the man. Hi…I’m Eli and back again this week. Thanks, Brooke. I’m a Majessa Standard Poodle and that’s something to be grateful for. Some of the finest dogs and bitches come from that line…if I don’t say so myself. I wouldn’t be with my mom if it weren’t for my breeder, Ann Fischer. Would you believe when I was 11 months old she saved my life when I fell through the solar cover of a pool? That is gratitude in the making!

At the time I didn’t know much about gratitude. But I’ve been learning every day. Brooke thinks gratitude is all about her. That’s because she thinks everything is about her, but for me it’s much bigger. Touch one…touch many. That’s what I always say. Take this blog for example. How many of you are grateful when it shows up on Friday mornings? How many of you take away something that touches you or makes you laugh? How many of you pass it on to someone you think might enjoy it? When Brooke first showed me her blog, I certainly was grateful that she cared enough to read it to me.

I may not hear so good

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or see much at 14. I sleep most of the time. I’ve had my share of fear with all the changes in my sight and hearing, however I have enormous gratitude for my life, including Brooke. She makes sure to wake me up to go outside even though I don’t always appreciate her methods. When mom asks her to help out or says, “we’re going” she gets so excited and pounces on me. Most times she scares the crap right out of me! Once I get up she grabs my ear and pulls it. No matter how hard I try she doesn’t seem to understand that I’m attached to the ear and it’s not a tug toy. She’s great at running up and down the few stairs we have around here so that I can feel her energy and she can keep me from tripping on the stairs or bumping into a wall. And I know she takes my bones; but I don’t say a word. You have to pick your battles and I know that mom sees what I don’t and she’ll give me another.

Gratitude can take just a minute to express and last a lifetime in appreciation. I make sure my mom and dad know how much I appreciate them every day when I keep putting one paw in front of the other and do my best.

Thanks, Eli. Now I think expressing gratitude can be difficult for some humans. I’m not sure why that is but feel it’s important to let others know how much you appreciate who they are and what they do. My mom is grateful for so much that she could write a book for all the things. How about you? Why not express your gratitude today? Look around and see how much you’re grateful for. I recommend not holding back. You might be amazed at how just a bit of gratitude can change your life.

Love and licks,

Brooke…and Eli


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  1. Definitely grateful for these blogs! My mom reads them to me and it always makes me smile and makes her think a lot! Thanks Brooke & Eli, wish I was a nicer dog and could meet you guys, but obviously I have my own issues! I’ll try harder!

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