In The Raw

Good day y’all!!! Here in Atlanta the leaves have been falling and the air is brisk. The squirrels have been all over the backyard and at every tree gathering nuts for the winter. For every one I chase, there are 3 others I can only bark at from a distance. Maintaining control of my property is exhausting. I know the squirrels need the nuts, but I don’t like them, the nuts I mean. They get stuck in my paws and when I walk I sound like I’m wearing heels, which as you know I do from time to time. Hurricane Sandy turned into quite the bitch and I hope by now y’all get your electricity back on so you can have a nice hot shower, a good meal and sit down at your computer, log on and enjoy my blog.

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The question for y’all today is “How do you nourish your soul?” After reading last week’s blog you may think that it’s all about clothes and shoes and there’s no denying they matter. Or you may think that the way we nourish ourselves is through food, and to a large extent that’s true. This is where mom and I are similar and different. I love to eat; Mom eats to live. We’re both on raw food diets. We both have silky shiny hair and hydrated skin. She is a vegan; I’m not. I love raw beef, chicken, turkey, duck, fruits and veggies, and nuts (but not almonds-they’re toxic for dogs). Mom is a complete raw food low fat organic vegan. I know…she sounds like an alien and says she even feels like one sometimes. Most people wonder what a raw, low fat organic vegan eats. Well, let me tell you…whatever she wants as long as it’s only fruits and veggies! She loves eating this way…fruit for breakfast and lunch and veggies for dinner. They’re not steamed, broiled, baked or stir fry. No warming on the stove, on the grill or in the oven. There’s no animal of any kind and that includes eggs, shrimp, and dairy. And the fats…you know what they say…Half an avocado or a few raw nuts a day keeps the doctor away!!! People never ask me how I do on a raw diet, but they’re always asking mom. The truth is that this way of eating has helped her heal from Late Stage Lyme Disease. It’s been working for her for over a year and she’s been a believer ever since. I’ve been eating this way since I was born. One look at me and you can see all the benefits of raw!!!

Nourishment takes many other forms. Now dad…he loves books of almost any kind especially the ones that have research or explore ideas. He just loves to research things, to know stuff. It makes him happy. A little over a month ago a woman ran a red light and smashed into him, pushing him 20 feet through an intersection and totaling his car. Big bummer about the car, but it can be replaced. My dad is irreplaceable and we’re sure glad that he’s okay. Anyway, he loved that Honda Accord. So, as you can imagine, he’s been researching cars, all 4 door sedans-a practical family car – dad is all about practical. That’s fine with me as long as it has a big back seat and is nice looking – I like to jump in and out of a nice looking car. And black interior please. My white coat looks especially nice against a black background. Anyway, Dad started researching 8 cars, went to 6 and, last I heard, is down to 4. When he gets to 2, Eli, Mom and I assist in the process of picking the new family vehicle. Eventually, when he narrows the choice to 2 cars we’ll go for a drive and vote (3 to 1) on what suits us best. Dad nourishes his soul through learning and I’m there to close the deal.

Eli feeds his soul with lots of sleep, good food, raw bones and cookies. He loves when dog friends come over. His spirit and energy level goes from 14 years old to 7 in a blink of an eye. It’s quite the transformation.

Believe it or not…even though mom is a little bit of a thing…she is a big eater when it comes to taking care of her soul. The list is long but here’s the top 10…meditating, cycling and taking walks, preparing her raw food, spending time with and caring for family and friends, working with clients and assisting with my blog! And let’s not forget manicures, pedicures, massages, working in the garden and creating new things.

And then there’s me! Now the way I nourish myself is rather simple. Squirrels, chipmunks, hikes in the woods, good food, marrow bones, writing my blog and assisting mom with clients. Plus, I do love a little retail therapy every now and again. Mom trained Eli and I many years ago for shopping and we love to window shop or sit in the dressing rooms.

However there’s one thing I’ve discovered we all need above everything to feed our souls and that’s LOVE…love nourishes the soul completely!!! I love it when dad scratches my ears and rubs my back. He doesn’t always think of doing it on his own, but I make sure, discretely of course, to stand near him and look at him with my big, brown eyes and, well, I’m irresistible. He calls me “gorgeous” and that’s the truth! I love playing tug and when I bring my biggest and best squeaky toy to Dad, he knows what to do; I’ve trained him. Of course, I love to snuggle on the couch with Mom to watch one of our favorite shows, to take walks around the neighborhood or in the woods and to ride with Mom to the store. Not only is this good for me, it’s great for Mom and Dad. They feel wonderful giving me all that love. And I love them back. By giving and getting love, we get the comfort and sweetness we need in life. It brings fun, adventure, discovery and joy.

What feeds you and helps you bring your magnificent self to the world? What will you nourish your soul with today?

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and licks,



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