On The Road Again!

Good morning!!! WOW! What a week I’ve had! Lots of playtime outside and squirrels galore. New food. Record breaking temperatures and some

How many miles is it from Atlanta to Martha’s Vineyard?

really good laughs! My life’s purpose is to experience pure pleasure and fun!

Mom has left again and is on her way to cycle on Martha’s Vineyard!!! She’ll have a great time. I wish she had waited for me!!! Riding the bike has got to be easier than catching those darn

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squirrels. How hard can it be? Of course I won’t even attempt to clip into the pedals. If only I could pedal faster…

I’ve been thinking about what gets in our way of enjoying life. Canines love to play. As puppies we play with our littermates all the time; it’s so much fun. What else would we do anyway! Kids play a lot too. Then something weird happens as you grow up. You cut way back on your play. Your parents (and other people) tell you to behave, act your age and stop fooling around. You listen with your brain and not your heart and lose your playfulness. You forget to listen to your heart. You know what that makes you? B O R I N G!!! This is when humans need to take some lessons from me…your all around good time fun loving canine coach!

Canines know that play is a big part of living life to its fullest. Humans think they need to be on vacation to play. They think it’s their reward for the rest of life. They sneak it in…a little here…a little there…a night out…a day at the beach. What if you lived your life with only pleasure and play as your soul purpose? How much fun would that be? I’ll bet you’d look forward to work and laundry!

This week I asked dad to make a list of what he does for fun. Of course…wouldn’t you know it. At the top of his list was “reading documents”! Are you kidding? When mom can’t get to sleep she asks him to read them to her and she goes out instantly. Me too! Super BORING!

I decided I’d have a better shot with mom and had her make a list of what she does for fun. After her whining and complaining about doing it (which clearly wasn’t fun) we got down to business. I guess you’d like to know what was on that list. Yeah…me too…haven’t seen it yet. You know my mom…sometimes that “perfection” thing won’t leave her alone.

One day mom and I were driving little 5 year old Iris to school. Mom asked Iris a question and Iris answered in a very quiet voice. Next thing I know mom tells Iris that she’s sure Iris can talk louder and asks her to do just that. Within seconds little Miss Iris was screaming ‘“NO” at the top of her lungs and mom was laughing her head off. The more mom laughed the louder Iris screamed. Oh my ear canals. I wondered if this was punishment for the times I barked at other dogs while we were in the car.

This past week mom’s been trying out some new gyms. She thinks it’s fun to get up before 5:30 to work out. One day this week she came home and was looking pretty…gross. You know…sweaty, sore and in need of a shower and a little food. Dad asked her if she had fun at the gym. Oh boy…first she just gave him one of those blank stares, then rolled her eyes and turned away shaking her head. All of a sudden I caught the glimmer in her eye. YES!!!! She turned, smiled ever so slightly and said, “A blast. Why not come with me next time?” Then she winked at me. I get it. One person’s pleasure can be another person’s pain. Sometimes having fun is work like chasing squirrels, taking care of Eli or writing a blog.

So many people work harder than they play. They complain but keep on doing it. Do you feel more of a sense of purpose in the work you do? Do you feel like you are supposed to act “grown up” all the time? Isn’t it interesting how we don’t feel that play plays (HA) an important and vital role in our lives? Humans say laughter is the best medicine. Well, why not drink a few bottles? Isn’t it time to let go of those old boring beliefs and have the time of your lives?

Fun is not only an activity or something you have to go and do. It’s in our interactions with others. It’s in the activities you do. It’s in your attitude. It’s not just part of your journey. It IS the journey. This is what we’re here for. Live life to the fullest. Learn from everything and everyone and have a hell of a good time along the way. Miles Davis has said, “Sometimes you have to play a long time to learn to play like yourself.” So…go. Get out there and PLAY!!!

If any readers are at the Vineyard this weekend, please wave, stop me and say hello. I’ll be easy to spot. If I make it there, I’ll be the one picking up the rear. It’s one of my best features so you won’t miss me!

Love, licks and a fresh fruit popsicle stick!



On The Road Again! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder Brooke ! Tell your mom to have fun in block island!

  2. Tell your mom that I’ll miss her at 6:00 spin class! I’m sure biking on Martha’s Vineyard will be so much more fun than sitting on a bike inside a gym that goes nowhere!

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