Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!


Surprise!!! Surprise!!! The blog is back! I’ve been feeling so STUCK writing (or should I say…not writing) this blog. My creative juices just weren’t flowing and I was feeling frustrated. So believe me when I say that not getting my blog out to y’all was very disappointing. Mom reminded me that what goes up must come down (if only that were really true about the squirrels in the trees) and this too shall pass. She encouraged me to be patient and feel what inspires me. I can’t tell you how thrilling it was when I got the inspirational hit!!!

These past week two weeks mom has been back up north. She is an Assistant Teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Medicine. I love when she comes home because I get to learn new stuff and it makes for fabulous new blog material!!! This year she is assisting with the 3rd year class and said the students were amazing. Mom asked if I wanted to see what it was like to be at the school. I leaped with joy!!! (Canines are not allowed at the school…no matter their brilliance)! So mom asked me to step into her shoes…

Of course there was no way I was going to try the sneakers or the flat comfort shoes. Oh no!!! I do have an image to uphold! If I was going to walk in her shoes I was taking on the platforms!!! Well, I just want to say…you’ve got to be kidding. I look like a circus dog. This could ruin my image! Seriously…are these shoes really made for walking? No way I can catch a squirrel in these! I’ve been looking in the magazines and in the stores at all the new shoes and I’m wondering what kind of person creates shoes that are so difficult to walk in? Are we supposed to just look good and stand still, not run or jump or play? How can a person feel grounded and connected to the earth in shoes that have no stability? Then you’ve got those comfort shoes that are so not attractive! I asked mom how a person can look great, feel grounded, connected and be comfortable in their shoes all at the same time?

Mom says it’s really not the shoes that make you feel grounded and connected. That comes from a deeper place inside each and every one of us. She said that a person can definitely feel great for a (short) while when wearing a fabulous pair of shoes…no doubt about it…It’s like one of those commercials…limited time offer. In order for the “fabulous” to last, it’s got to come from deep down inside! What shows up on the outside has got to be a reflection of what’s on the inside or you’ll

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feel fake, even if you fool others.

I took mom too literally if you know what I mean. The way we can really see others is not by ”wearing” their shoes, but by seeing who they are. As a first step, mom says to look in the mirror and what you see in yourself is in others and what you see in others is in you. No matter what you’re wearing, sometimes you can feel as though you are wearing the most beautiful pair of shoes and other times…not so pretty. On a really bad day you may even feel you’re wearing a pair of the ugly comfort ones. These not so pretty shoes are the opportunities for growth. Let me tell you…some of those shoes give an enormous amount of room for growth. I know I’m judgmental about pawwear. After all, I’m the one that lets mom put diamond decals on my toenails!!!

What I really learned walking (if you could call it that) in mom’s shoes is that whenever I start thinking like a human, I need to remind myself to stay in the present moment, think like a canine and be myself. The minute I try to be anything else just ends up in a total disaster!!! I discovered that even though I’m crazy about my mom, I don’t want to be her. It was too much work! It‘s hard enough to be me every day, but the best I can do is bring the best of what I’ve got to the world. I can feel what it might be like to stand in another’s shoes but I found it’s most important to stand on my own 4 lovely paws and be my best, which if I don’t say so myself, is fabulous!

How often do you try on shoes and know immediately that they’re not for you? What about enjoying your day in shoes you love and feel how lovely and fabulous it is to be you?

Love and licks,



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