Soaring Beyond Your Limits!

Good day everybody! In my past blogs I’ve had the pleasure of writing through the heart and eyes of my standard poodle, Brooke. It’s been fun…especially thinking like a poodle that is a real diva! It felt easy to speak from her perspective. After all, speaking canine is like a second language for me. Brooke was great at making fun of me and I learned to take it in stride.

Brooke and I have a lot in common. We’re both creative, love to eat raw food, game to learn new things and are high maintenance. We both look great (especially in cycling gear) … most of the time. (OK maybe Brooke wins here. She looks better more often than I do, but I come in a close second, I hope). Transitioning the blog from Brooke’s voice to mine has been a challenge. When I wrote from her perspective I felt no limits, had fun and got my message out. Using my own voice, being visible and feeling vulnerable is another story. The minute I realized it was important to start using my own voice, I got stuck…paralyzed was more like it. I see how I pulled in my energy and felt defeated before I started. Those old tapes were playing over and over. Funny how they

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don’t wear out so easily. How many times have I told myself I couldn’t do something…I wasn’t entitled or not good enough? Too many times…that’s for sure!

I decided it was time to climb out of that rut and get to work! First thing I did was to pick an angel card before my morning meditation. These are cards containing words that provide insight and positive outlook. Isn’t it funny how we get the messages that we need. Sometimes a person who has been working really hard and made no time for themselves gets the flu. Then they realize how much they needed to rest. Anyway, the card I chose was expansiveness. WOW! Lately I’ve been feeling anything but expansive (unless it’s right after drinking a 40 oz. smoothie of my latest and greatest fresh squeezed orange juice with fresh greens and basil)! I’ve been stuck in my own muck is much more like it.

As I sat in meditation I was able to feel my own expansiveness. I discovered how much I’ve missed this feeling. Where have I been? When I ride my bike it’s important to drop the shoulders and open the chest to create more space for the oxygen to flow. When we don’t do this our shoulders creep up towards our ears and we hold all that energy in tight. Those of you living in colder winter climates experience this when you go outside. You pull your shoulders up as close to your ears as you can. It’s as though you think pulling up the shoulders will warm you, but it’s when you feel your shoulders drop that the body relaxes and warms up and you create more space.

Recently I was in Jamaica and went swimming with the dolphins. We were in this beautiful lagoon and the only barrier between the lagoon and the ocean was a rock wall. The setting was tremendous. The dolphins were soft and silky smooth to the touch. Their energy felt big, alive and fun. This was an AHA moment for me. When I’m living my life purpose, I feel alive, grateful, passionate, fun and silly. I feel in love with life. I’m able to put my fears in front of me and with each step I take, stomp those fears out and bring my whole alive, shiny, big and bright self out into the world.

Swimming with the dolphins

You may be thinking that it sounds great but it’s not that easy. Believe me, when I’m living in my fears, I feel small and insignificant and really stuck. I used to think that someone else could make me feel small but have grown to realize that I can do that all by myself!!! Those things that trigger us are the old wounds that we haven’t yet healed.

So how do we heal those wounds and feel our own expansiveness and then express it to the world? I think it’s important to look inward so we can discover what we already know about ourselves and learn to live in the present moment…feel our feelings…voila! Sounds easy enough, but it takes work, commitment and discipline. Sometimes it takes one person’s support and guidance that can help us shift our perspective. Other times it may take a village. I need a bumper sticker that says, “Go consciousness. Healing is a journey, not a destination.” I believe when we live our life with passion and integrity we have purpose we can be proud of and we can live our life authentically.

How do you feel your own expansiveness? What can you do today that says, “Hello world! Here I am”!?


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  1. Hi Claudia,
    Thanks for reading Brooke’s blog and expressing interest. What is your site and what would you like to copy. Please let me know. Thanks

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