“I feel that I really benefited from Gladie’s conversational and listening styles, her training in and practicing of a holistic body/mind/spirit approach, and her experience of someone who has been out there “in the real world” and coaches from a place of pragmatism. I really appreciate what I have learned and applied from my time with her. When I come across people in my life who are “stuck” and are also willing to be proactive and open in getting themselves “unstuck”, I think of Gladie.”
Jeff D (marketing professional, entrepreneur, PhD candidate, dreamer and doer).
Atlanta, Ga.


“Authentic. Caring. Energetic. Gladie is a true ACE that you’ll want to have by your side! Her instinctive and holistic approach to energy healing is an important addition on my journey to lead a fuller, more positive, peaceful, and heart integrated life. Her sensible insight and wisdom gives me the confidence, tools, and energy I needed to move forward. I highly recommend her.”
Cara W.
Atlanta, Ga.

“Gladie Lauer has a precious gift of listening underneath the words. She sees the bigger picture and her energy work takes me to that bigger picture. My perspectives change, pain diminishes and I feel more empowered to meet my life with a deeper sense of fullness and ease.”
Rev. Kathy J.
Asheville, NC

“Gladie is a very dedicated, inspired and compassionate spiritual healer. I found that she was able to really listen at many different levels to really understand what I needed to work through. My experience with Gladie has resulted in more peace and a generalized sense of well-being in my daily life. I have experienced an increased ability to meet my goals and stay present in my daily life, as well as an improved level of physical fitness and overall health. Most significantly, through my conversations with Gladie, I have gained significant insight into my relationship with one of my daughters. I have learned what I need to do to stay grounded and centered when she is misbehaving. Through Gladie’s guidance, I was able to first understand my knee jerk behavior, and then discover a way of communicating with my daughter that led to less stress and frustration and more connectedness and peace. I highly recommend Gladie to anyone who would like to get clarity and movement in any aspect of their life.”
Roswell, GA 


“Each one of my sessions with Gladie have been amazing. Despite often coming to my sessions stressed, tense or “out of sorts”, I fall into a deep state of relaxation and often even sleep. A level of healing occurs for me that is so deep that I feel enormously better after each treatment. Gladie is a wonderful practitioner who brings incredible knowledge, skill and compassion to her work. I am grateful to Gladie.”
Julie S.
W.H., CT

“Gladie is a world class organizer and is able to size up situations with great accuracy. She has prompted and cued me through some difficult discussions and not by giving me the answer, but by allowing me the space and time to figure it out for myself even though she can go at hummingbird speeds. She has a terrific sense of humor, quick wit and the ability to laugh at herself which is huge in today’s world.”
Sue F.
Rensselaer, New York