What Could Be Lighter?

What could be lighter?

Hi y’all! Isn’t this simply the best time of year? There’s more time to explore the backyard, chase squirrels and chipmunks, nap on the patio and try new things..like biking. The days are long and bright and hot. This week was exciting for me. I was digging around in the woods and found something big and dead! I was so proud of myself. The first person I thought to give it to was mom. You can imagine how excited she was seeing this special gift hanging from my mouth as I ran down the path towards the door. She stopped dead (ha) in her tracks when she saw me. I just love giving gifts to the people I love most!

Mom doesn’t like keeping things around that we don’t need anymore. As a matter of fact, she is one of the most organized people I know! As you can imagine, our home is super organized. I’m convinced it’s part of mom’s DNA. So, trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t at all surprised not to see my special find around anymore. She can’t help herself. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have issues or baggage because believe me, she does! However, hanging on to physical stuff is not one of hers. Mom’s mantra is “What could be lighter?”

Humans carry baggage they don’t need. It can really weigh you down. Some carry it in their gut or their head or in their muscles or back and they feel bad in their bodies. Others store it in their home…in boxes, closets or stacked in piles, maybe out of sight but not really out of mind. You get the picture. Mom says that our outer houses reflect our inner houses and our inner houses reflect the outer. What does yours look and feel like? Some of the baggage is physical and some is emotional. Could you lighten your load simply by clearing out stuff you don’t need anymore? This can be challenging. How do you let go of what you don’t need anymore?

Canines don’t generally carry much baggage. To be perfectly (as only I can be) honest with you, the baggage we carry is mostly what we get from humans. We enjoy the lower order and don’t much care for the big responsibilities. Whatever we do, we love when the humans have more responsibilities that we do. It makes more sense to our canine brains. Our nature is to live in the present moment. We don’t love to take on what isn’t ours. Humans are just the opposite. They want to take on other people’s stuff in addition to their own. Maybe their issues don’t seem so heavy, but did you ever stop to think that now you’re carrying double the load!!! Don’t you think yours is quite enough?

Why do we hold on to stuff that we haven’t paid attention to in a long time? Does it make you feel more secure to hold on to it? Do you think you might need it one day? What would happen if you simply let go? Mom says that no matter how much baggage we unload, we don’t have to worry…there’s always more. WOW! That’s encouraging. Is that even possible? So what do we do? Beats me. I’m so grateful to be a canine and not have the issues that humans have. Oh Lord! (We say that a lot down south).

What would it be like if you lived your life knowing

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that you already carry everything you need? It’s not about all the stuff we carry. Isn’t it about showing the world the best of what we’ve got?

Love and licks,



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